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We’re a fully integrated, totally transparent organization that genuinely cares. Click to find out more about our unrelenting commitment to making our customers and our employees completely satisfied. millions of treatments and counting We have been dedicated to supplying : the highest quality and best value cleaning supplies and machinery for since 1947. Our unparalleled expertise , in the precise application of every cleaning product we offer and correct usage of every piece of janitorial machinery makes us as asset in the industry. (910)791-1970 Helping solve tough cleaning applications is what we do. We have the highest caliber engineering staff in the industry that utilizes innovative design software. As such, we are able to build great, unique industrial parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.housekeeping maidInitiate a maid cleaning with our service! Simply enter your zip code, details about your home and securely pay online. Your home will be sparkling in no time! Our house cleaning service providers only bring the best equipment! Long Island , Maids of Nassau This is the best maid service we have ever used! There are absolutely no problems here. They , are professional, honest and friendly. They have a "attention to detail" that I have never seen in another cleaning service, period! They are extremely flexible, reliable and dependable. The office staff and the cleaning staff are like family to us, and that's how it should be when you bring a cleaning staff into your home. Rain City Maids of Lynnwood4208 198th Street SW Suite 204 Lynnwood, WA 98036 YOUR TIME… IS QUALITY TIME The most significant benefit you receive from hiring a professional maid service in Jacksonville is time. According to the NY Post, the average American spends over 23 hours doing housework a month, totaling nearly six hours a week. When you hire our cleaning pros, we take care of your house so you can spend your time taking care of other tasks.whole house cleaningWe are a multi-award-winning company that is over 15 years in the making. We currently serve over 500 customers each day across the country. Once we#8217;ve freed your home from build up and harsh chemical residues, we keep your home sparkling , with our recurring non toxic cleaning packages. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. Are you ready to deep clean your house, but have no idea where to start? Our Spring Cleaning Checklist will help you clean your home from top to bottom. You're busy, things pile up until you can't stand it or all of a sudden you have company coming over — and you have to do something about it right now. Then you go into a mad dash to clean everything. And you hate every minute of it. Does this approach to cleaning house sound familiar? NJ cleaning company Total Home Cleaning is no stranger to positive attention from the press.

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